Gherardo Della Marta - Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Frequently asked questions about Counselling and Psychotherapy


FAQ about counselling


How long is the session?


Sessions last 50 minutes. They are normally on the  same day and time each week. We will arrange this when we meet at the first session.


How much does it cost?

£40- £80   i offer special rates to people in low income and students. The fees for these clients are £25 _ £30.


Initial assessment is £30.


How many sessions?

We will meet for a initial assessment and if we both agree to work together we will meet for further 6 sessions. After we will review the process and we will decide if we want to work open ended.


Missed sessions

Any cancellations should be given 48 h notice. For any missed or cancelled sessions with less than 48h the full fee for that session will need to be paid at the following session.



I will give you 3 weeks notice for any holidays i will take and I will expect you to do the same.



Our work is confidential and i adhere to the BACP ethical framework. The only time i will break confidentiality is when you will dislcose you are having thoughts of harming yourself or other people. In that case and only in consultation with you i might contact your GP.



You can end sessions at any time but i will suggest at least two sessions to address any unresolved issues.



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