Gherardo Della Marta - Counsellor & Psychotherapist



LGBT issues


I have more than 1000h of one to one counselling experience supporting gay lesbinas, bisexual and transgenders clients
with issues related to their sexuality, coming out processes, sexual identity, shame, acceptance, intimacy issues, addictions. I am a member of the Pink therapy directory and i often attends seminars, workshops and lectures in the field of sexual minorities therapy.


Anxiety and depression


I have a special interest in supporting clients suffering from anxiety and depression and to help them to challenge their thoughts and negative beliefs they have about themselves and the world around them. CBT tell us that is the way we think that affects our feelings and behaviours. This negative thinking can often come from our past, how as a younger person we made sense of the world around us by our values, beliefs, memories. If we come across something in our daily life that triggers these negative thinking, old beliefs or schemas can be reactivated resulting in uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings.


Young person counselling 15+


I enjoy working in counselling with adolescents and young people to explore concerns that might be causing them problems in their social, emotional or cognitive development. The therapeutic process gives them the opportunity to express confused feelings in a safe space with clear boundaries. When working with adolescents i often deal with:

  • low performance at school,
  • low confidence,
  • bullying,
  • peer pressure,
  • sexual identity. 

Booking your first session

If you would like to book a session with me please contact me on


or email

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If you cannot talk to me immediately, please leave your name and contact number and I will reply as soon as i can.



Kings Cross

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